7 Days to Spanish Success

The 7 keys I've used with 1000s of students to SPEAK Spanish


Learn how to finally advance past APPs and Classes to

SPEAKING Spanish confidently with real people.


Confidence Speaking Spanish... 

doesn't come from just an APP on your phone.


Confidence comes from talking

with native Spanish speakers

Learn how to find Spanish speakers who WANT to talk with you.

(And what to do once you find them)


What's the secret to speaking Spanish?

Most people who are using APPs or Classes to learn Spanish still can't SPEAK.


If that's you, it's totally normal,

and the answer is simple:

The 7 Days to Spanish Success Course 

Gives you all the keys you need to MEET and

SPEAK with native Spanish speakers.


Learn how to HELP THEM speak English - because

THAT is the secret to YOU speaking Spanish.





This 7 Video Masterclass is just $99




How to ELIMINATE fear and embarrassment when talking to native speakers


How speaking English is your KEY to having

Spanish speakers want to practice with you. 


How to find and connect with Spanish Speakers to help each other


A simple Method to Practice the right way and not feel self conscious


  • ShareLingo's UNIQUE model and method to gain confidence.

    No other organization helps English and Spanish speakers connect and understand how to practice together to gain the confidence they need and want.  ShareLingo is One Of A Kind - becase we are MISSION DRIVEN.  It's about connecting cultures, not generating profits. 

  • Get your questions ANSWERED

    After each video you can leave a comment with any thoughts or questions you may have. You get help from the ShareLingo community and also our own ShareLingo team.  We love helping people!

  • Your journey is easier with FRIENDS

    Along the way, we will help you make new friends.  And you will also want to share this with your friends so they can go through each day of the course with you. 

The 7 Video Masterclass is only $99 USD 



Hi, I'm James Archer, founder of The ShareLingo Project. Like most people, I really STRUGGLED when I started.  But now I speak Spanish fluently and it's changed my life.


I've written a #1 Best Selling book about  ShareLingo and also helped thousands of English and Spanish speakers meet and practice together.


I live in Denver Colorado, but love to spend much of the year in Central and South America.


(And, if it matters to you, I don't take a salary from ShareLingo)


I created this 7 Day Course to Help Anyone Who Wants to SPEAK Spanish


The app on your phone will not help you speak Spanish.

It may help you learn more vocabulary, but to have any confidence speaking, you have to have someone to practice with.  


There's never been a better or easier time to speak Spanish. 

But so many people struggle and fail, like I did at first.


Here's your Spanish Success Path!

The topics I discuss in this Course are applicable to speakers of any skill level. Even if you have tried Apps, Courses, Books, or other methods and failed, it's only because you are missing the one most important part.  The human factor.


Click the button below to join me in this master class, "7 Days to Spanish SUCCESS"!

You don't need expensive tutors or programs.

You don't need to spend hours and hours memorizing vocabulary.


But you DO need to click the LINK! 


The 7 Video Masterclass costs $99 - that's it. 


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