This Success Path training includes 7 modules
PLUS bonus content and materials


  • Define your Unique WHY - helping you focus on reaching YOUR goals.

  • Understand the Two parts of the language puzzle - Foundation and Practice

  • Create a strategy - Poco a Poco - to gain more confidence EVERY day

  • You are not alone - Millions want to practice with you

  • How and where to meet Spanish speakers - face to face and online

  • What comes next - How and where to continue your journey

Here's exactly what you'll discover inside!

This Spanish Success Path training includes 7 short modules...


  • Defining your Unique WHY

    Your unique WHY guides everything else

  • Foundation and Practice

    The two parts to learning a language
    What you can do by yourself and what you can not

  • Poco a Poco

    Progression Theory.   Learn a little EVERY day

  • The ShareLingo Method

    The 4-step foolproof Method for getting awesome results learning and practicing Spanish in less time and with zero stress

  • You are not alone

    Millions want to practice with you.

    How and where to find Spanish speakers to practice with

  • Mucho Gusto (Online & Face-to-face)

    How to meet Spanish speakers

  • What comes next

    How and where to continue your journey


  • Defining your motivation worksheet

  • How many words do I need to know to speak Spanish? How long does it take?

  • Levels and fluency

  • Learn something every day

  • The ShareLingo Method

  • Don't do it all alone


  • The Exact Method

  • Tips to speak Spanish

  • Common Phrases

  •  ... and more!


I created this 7 Day Course to Help Anyone Who Wants to SPEAK Spanish - i.e., YOU.


There's never been a better or easier time to speak Spanish.  But so many people give up.


I struggled at first too, but I didn't give up, and I found the secret to real fluency.


The secrets in this Course are applicable to speakers of any skill level. Even if you have tried Apps, Courses, Books, or other methods and failed, it's only because you are missing the one most important part.  Take the course to find out what you're missing!


    ShareLingo's UNIQUE model and method

    No other organization helps English and Spanish speakers connect and understand how to practice together to gain the confidence they need and want. 

    Your journey is easier with FRIENDS

    Along the way, we will help you make new friends.  And you will also want to bring your friends with you, so you can all excel together.

    Get your questions ANSWERED

    You can reach out to us any time and leave your comments with any thoughts or questions you may have. The ShareLingo team is here for you. 

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The 7 Days to Spanish Success Course has nothing to do with any new,  whiz-bang learning software or tactic.   It has nothing to do with any kind of fancy web set-up.   It's about focusing on the simplest and proven way to learn a language.


    We have been successfully helping thousands of English and Spanish speakers learn and practice Spanish and English easily and faster for years.


    The 7 Days to Spanish Success course is unlike any of the common online methods that tell you to go find someone to practice with, but don't tell you where or how.


    If you’re ready, enroll now and get all the tools you need to make speaking Spanish a reality!

    HOLA !

    I’m James Archer

    Founder and President of

    The ShareLingo Project

    Like most people, I really STRUGGLED when I started learning Spanish.  But now I speak fluently and it's changed my life. I've written a #1 Best Selling book about ShareLingo and also helped thousands of English and Spanish speakers meet and practice together.


    I now live in Phoenix, Arizona but love to spend much of the year in Central and South America (travel permitted).


    (And FYI, in case it matters to you,

    I don't take a salary from ShareLingo.)